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Treatment of chronic gastritis by acupuncture in 100 cases

  • Ma Wen-jian
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Patients with chronic gastritis were treated by acupuncture and otopoint pressure. Warming the middle Energizer to dispel cold, removing heat by alleviation of mental depression, relieving the depressed liver and regulating the circulation of qi in the case of excess syndrome; reinforcing the spleen and strengthening the stomach, warming the middle Energizer to dispel cold and reinforcing the stomach and nourishing yin in the case of deficiency syndrome. In the group of 100 cases, 71 cases got cure, 27 got marked effectiveness, and 2 got no effect. The total effective rate was 98.0%.

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Gastritis Acupuncture Therapy Auricular Point Sticking 

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  • Ma Wen-jian
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  1. 1.Hospital Affiliated to Qingsong General Factory of Building Materials and Chemical IndustryAkesu, XinjiangChina

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