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, Volume 24, Issue 3–4, pp 338–351 | Cite as

On locally conformal almost Kähler manifolds

  • Izu Vaisman


In the first section of this note, we discuss locally conformal symplectic manifolds, which are differentiable manifoldsV 2n endowed with a nondegenerate 2-form Ω such thatdΩ=θ ∧ Ω for some closed form θ. Examples and several geometric properties are obtained, especially for the case whendΩ ≠ 0 at every point. In the second section, we discuss the case when Ω above is the fundamental form of an (almost) Hermitian manifold, i.e. the case of the locally conformal (almost) Kähler manifolds. Characterizations of such manifolds are given. Particularly, the locally conformal Kähler manifolds are almost Hermitian manifolds for which some canonically associated connection (called the Weyl connection) is almost complex. Examples of locally conformal (almost) Kähler manifolds which are not globally conformal (almost) Kähler are given. One such example is provided by the well-known Hopf manifolds.


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  • Izu Vaisman
    • 1
  1. 1.Seminarul Matematic, UniversitateIaşiRomânia

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