Journal of Materials Shaping Technology

, Volume 8, Issue 3, pp 167–177 | Cite as

Improvements to Alexander’s computer model for force and torque calculations in strip rolling processes

  • Devendra Rusia


Increasing competition in the metal industry and advances in technology lead to additional demands for accurate analyses so that better strip quality in terms of gauge and shape at the minimum cost can be obtained. In strip rolling, accurate determination of rolling force, torque, and slip are extremely important to the proper design and control of the whole process. In the present investigation, a computer model is developed for force and torque calculations for hot and cold flat rolling processes based on the enhanced slab method. Alexander’s computer model, which is based on Orowan’s model, is used as a starting point. To develop the present model, improvements are made in Alexander’s model. Further, the present model is verified with the hot strip rolling data and the results are compared with the Sims, Orowan and Pascoe, Ekelund, and Crane and Alexander models. In this paper, improvements to the Alexander model and verification of the modified model with the hot strip rolling data and comparison with the other models are discussed.


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  • Devendra Rusia
    • 1
  1. 1.Inland Steel CompanyResearch LaboratoriesEast ChicagoUSA

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