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Mechanical properties of haynes alloy 188 after 22,500 hours of exposure to LiF-22CaF2 and vacuum at 1093 K

  • J. D. Whittenberger
Testing and Evaluation


As a continuation of a study of a space-based thermal energy storage system centered on a LiF-CaF2 eutectic salt contained by Haynes alloy 188, this Co-base superalloy was subjected to molten salt, its vapor, and vacuum for 22,500 h at 1093 K. Samples from all three exposure conditions were tensile tested between 77 to 1200 K; in addition, vacuum and molten-salt exposed specimens were vacuum creep rupture tested at 1050 K. Comparison of these mechanical properties with those measured for the as-received alloy reveals no evidence for degradation beyond that ascribed to simple thermal aging of Haynes alloy 188. This behavior is identical to the 10,000 h results (Ref 3); hence, Haynes alloy 188 is a suitable containment material for an eutectic LiF-CaF2 thermal energy storage salt.


Haynes alloy 188 heat treatment long term exposure mechanical properties superalloy thermal energy storage 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • J. D. Whittenberger
    • 1
  1. 1.NASA Lewis Research CenterClevelandUSA

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