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Thermochemical conversion of polysaccharides in concentrated alkali to glycolic acid

  • John M. Krochta
  • Sandra J. Tillin
  • Joyce S. Hudson
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Degradation of starch and cellulose in alkaline solutions above 8N NaOH favored the production of glycolic acid. In 16N NaOH, starch and cellulose degraded at 240°C to produce, respectively, 46 and 43% yields of glycolic acid. At these same conditions, 24 and 12% yields of oxalic acid were also produced from starch and cellulose. Raising the amount of starch or cellulose above 10 g in 250 mL 16 N NaOH lowered the percent yields of glycolic and oxalic acids, but increased absolute yields sufficiently to consider larger polysaccharide: 16 N NaOH ratios for commercial use. Substituting KOH for NaOH lowered glycolic and oxalic acid yields, and demonstrated the effect of the alkali cation on the conversion reactions.

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Authors and Affiliations

  • John M. Krochta
    • 1
  • Sandra J. Tillin
    • 1
  • Joyce S. Hudson
    • 1
  1. 1.Western Regional Research Center, Agricultural Research ServiceUS Department of AgricultureAlbany

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