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Curves with infinitely many points of fixed degree

  • Gerhard Frey


Thed-th symmetric productC (d) of a curveC defined over a fieldK is closely related to the set of points ofC of degree ≤d. IfK is a number field, then a conjecture of Lang [Hi] proved by Faltings [Fa2] implies ifC (d) (K) is an infinite set, then there is aK-rational covering ofC → ℙ |K 1 of degree ≤2d. As an application one gets that for fixed fieldK and fixedd there are only finitely many primes ι such that the set of all elliptic curves defined over some extensionsL ofK with [LK]≤d and withL-rational isogeny of degree ι is infinite.


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  1. 1.Institut für Experimentelle MathematikUniversität GH EssenEssen 12Germany

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