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Childhood poisoning in Sri Lanka

  • Ravindra Fernando
  • Dulitha N. Fernando
Symposium : Toxicology & Poisoning-Part I


Poisoning in children is a common accident and poison information services should be aware of the toxic agents responsible for poisoning in the community. A retrospective hospital based study was performed, before-the establishment of the National Poisons Information Centre in Sri Lanka. There were 4,556 admissions of poisoning to the selected hospitals in the Western Province in 1986 and of this, 540 (11.4%) were below 15 years. Males accounted for 66%. Kerosene oil was responsible for 47% of the poisoning cases in less than 5 years age group, while kerosene oil, pesticides and plants/mushrooms were the commonest toxic agents in the 5 to 14 years age group. The case fatality rate was 3.2%.

Key words

Childhood poisoning Sri Lanka Commonest toxic agents 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Ravindra Fernando
    • 1
  • Dulitha N. Fernando
    • 1
  1. 1.Faculty of MedicineUniversity of ColomboColombo 8Sri Lanka

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