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Allergenic crossreactivities

Pollens and vegetable foods
  • Ruth Fritsch
  • Christof Ebner
  • Dietrich KraftEmail author
Allergic Crossreactions


Cross-sensitization to inhalant pollen allergens and ingested food allergens have been the focus of an increasing number of studies. During the last few years, the molecular characterization of the major allergens of most common pollens and foods has made it possible to identify some potential candidates of crossreactive IgE binding proteins. In this respect, the family of Bet v 1 homologs, the profilin family, and an until recently not completely characterized allergen cluster of approx 60 kDa have been described. These three allergenic structures constitute useful tools in diagnostic procedures, as the majority of vegetable allergy could be detected by this combination of allergens. Further information about crossreacting agents is needed in order to be able to advise pollen allergic patients fully about their risks of a possibly dangerous reaction to food.


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