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Circumferential rupture of an angioplasty balloon with detachment from the shaft: Case report

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Rapidly evolving angioplasty balloon techniques need continual evaluation for the type or frequency of balloon-related complications. We recently encountered a case where a new narrow shaft polyethylene terephthalate balloon completely separated from the catheter following circumferential rupture. The balloon was successfully retrieved using grasping forceps and a basket. Patterns of balloon rupture and subsequent management are discussed. Problems of this type were more frequent in the early days of balloon angioplasty, but have since become rare. Close surveillance of new low profile balloons is recommended to determine whether this represents an isolated occurrence or a return to the earlier experience.

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Selby, J.B., Oliva, V.L. & Tegtmeyer, C.J. Circumferential rupture of an angioplasty balloon with detachment from the shaft: Case report. Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol 15, 113–116 (1992).

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