Audiovisual communication review

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Mike makes his mark

  • Robert W. Wagner


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    Produced by the NEA and Affiliated State Associations. 16 mm, sound, color, 29 minutes. Cleared for television. Produced by J. P. Nicholson, Agrafilms, Inc. Written by Jarvis Couillard. Directed by Irving Rusinow. Original music composed by Norman Lloyd. Photography by Pinckney Ridgell. Prints may be purchased from the NEA Division of Press and Radio Relations. 1201 Sixteenth St., Washington 6, D. C. Sale price: $170 (color), $75 (black and white). Preview printa available from State Education Association offices.Google Scholar
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    AV Communication Review 2:72; Winter 1954.Google Scholar
  3. 3.
    Ibid. AV Communication Review 3:138: Spring 1955.Google Scholar

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