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The role of medical associations against smoking

  • P. Fréour
Smoke-Free Europe In The Year 2000


Smoking is a medical concern. Doctors were the first to recognize the health hazards of smoking. So far, the knowledge of doctors concerning smoking is not really good and their attitude against smoking is not adequate. To change the attitude of doctors, it is necessary to modify the curriculum, multiply publications, intervene through the media, and create medical associations. The role of medical associations is to assess knowledge and attitudes; to reply to a lack of knowledge; to assess how people react; to motivate smokers to quit smoking; and to participate in preventive measures in information and education. The members of associations should be models of nonsmokers. They could also be associated with health workers. The members of such associations should intervene to improve regulations and legislations against smoking.

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Smoking Antismoking Medical associations 


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