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Equipartition of mass distributions by hyperplanes

  • E. A. Ramos


We consider the problem of determining the smallest dimensiond=Δ(j, k) such that, for anyj mass distributions inR d , there arek hyperplanes so that each orthant contains a fraction 1/2 k of each of the masses. The case Δ(1,2)=2 is very well known. The casek=1 is answered by the ham-sandwich theorem with Δ(j, 1)=j. By using mass distributions on the moment curve the lower bound Δ(j, k)≥j(2 k −1)/k is obtained. We believe this is a tight bound. However, the only general upper bound that we know is Δ(j, k)≤j2k−1. We are able to prove that Δ(j, k)=⌈j(2k−1/k⌉ for a few pairs (j, k) ((j, 2) forj=3 andj=2 n withn≥0, and (2, 3)), and obtain some nontrivial bounds in other cases. As an intermediate result of independent interest we prove a Borsuk-Ulam-type theorem on a product of balls. The motivation for this work was to determine Δ(1, 4) (the only case forj=1 in which it is not known whether Δ(1,k)=k); unfortunately the approach fails to give an answer in this case (but we can show Δ(1, 4)≤5).


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  • E. A. Ramos
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Computer ScienceUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUrbanaUSA

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