, Volume 64, Issue 6, pp 893–902

Structure and cluster formation in granular media

  • S. Luding


The two most important phenomena at the basis of granular media are excluded volume and dissipation. The former is captured by the hard sphere model and is responsible for, e.g., crystallization, the latter leads to interesting structures like clusters in non-equilibrium dynamical, freely cooling states. The freely cooling system is examined concerning the energy decay and the cluster evolution in time. Corrections for crystallization and multi-particle contacts are provided, which become more and more important with increasing density.


Clustering freely cooling granular gas event-driven simulation global equation of state TC model multi-particle contacts 


45.70.Qj 45.70.-n 64.60.Ak 


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  • S. Luding
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  1. 1.Particle TechnologyDelftChemTech, TU DelftBL DelftThe Netherlands

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