Journal of Labor Research

, Volume 4, Issue 3, pp 289–297 | Cite as

Attitudinal and behavioral variables related to participation in union activities

  • Gregory E. Huszczo


A questionnaire was administered to 500 union members. A multiple regression equation was developed using a multi-faceted index of union participation as the criterion with 25 predictor variables: 14 factor scores developed through factor analysis, 9 demographic variables, and 2 measures of perceived control within local unions. There was little shrinkage in the multiple R after double cross-validation. Community-political activities, liberal political beliefs, pro-unionism philosophies, high standards of involvement with unions, and high general job satisfaction-involvement were the five best predictors of union participation. Active union members may view unions as part of a socio-political movement above and beyond their economic and protective functions.


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  • Gregory E. Huszczo
    • 1
  1. 1.Eastern Michigan UniversityYpsilanti

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