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Reproductive biology of the bigeye thresher shark,Alopias superciliosus (Lowe, 1839) (Chondrichthyes: Alopiidae), in the northwestern Pacific

  • Che-Tsung Chen
  • Kwang-Ming Liu
  • Yung-Chou Chang


Reproductive aspects ofAlopias superciliosus in the northwestern Pacific were described in detail, on the basis of 629 specimens (429 females and 200 males) collected from January 1984 to October 1984 and from October 1992 to March 1994.Alopias superciliosus embryos are oophagous. Six developmental stages (3 encapsulative and 3 posthatching) based on embryonic morphology and source of nutrition were recognized. The species bears 2 embryos per litter, their size at birth being between 135 and 140 cm TL. The sex ratio of embryos was 1∶1. Total length of females at maturity was 332–341. 1. cm; of males 270.1–287.6 cm. The gestation period could not be determined because most adult females were pregnant throughout the year. The typical reproductive strategy ofA. superciliosus is the production of a few large embryos per litter, with no fixed mating or birthing season.

Key words

Reproduction Alopias superciliosus oophagy embryonic development Elasmobranch 


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  • Che-Tsung Chen
    • 1
  • Kwang-Ming Liu
    • 1
  • Yung-Chou Chang
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Fishery ScienceNational Taiwan Ocean UniversityKeelungTaiwan, R. O. C.

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