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C-Fe-V (carbon-iron-vanadium)

  • V. Raghavan
Section II: Phase Diagram Evaluations


A critical review of the experimental and computed C-Fe-V phase equilibria was presented by [87Rag]. The evaluated data included: (1) a liquidus projection for the Fe-Fe3C-V4-C3-V re gion; (2) experimental isothermal sections at 1100 and 500 °C; (3) a reaction scheme; (4) computed isothermal sections near the iron corner at 1100, 1000, 900, 800, and 700 °C; and (5) solubility limits of graphite in Fe-V liquid alloys at 1550, 1450, and 1350°C.


Isothermal Section Liquidus Projection FesN Sublattice Model Primary Crystallization Field 
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