Metallurgical Transactions A

, Volume 12, Issue 5, pp 723–731 | Cite as

Cavity formation from inclusions in ductile fracture of A508 steel

  • F. M. Beremin


Experiments were performed on A508 class 3 steel in order to determine the conditions for cavity formation from elongated MnS inclusions. Circumferentially notched tensile specimens were employed in order to investigate the effect of negative hydrostatic pressure. The results of finite element calculations and metallographic observations on polished sections were used to evaluate the conditions required for cavity initiation. Tests were performed at different temperatures in both longitudinal and short transverse direction. The results can be explained in terms of a local critical stress independent of temperature. This local stress is tentatively calculated using an extension of Eshelby’s theory for inclusions proposed by Berveiller and Zaoui.


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