, Volume 26, Issue 3, pp 389–394

Holocene sea level changes at the nile delta coastal zone of Egypt

  • Frihy Omran E.


Carbon dating data of changes in seal level during the Holocene at the Nile delta coast provide eustatic depth-time curve of the region. The curve reveals that sea level was approximately 41 meters below the present level around 8,500 years ago. Trend analysis indicates that with melting of glaciers there was a rapid rise in sea level of about 3 mm/yr. The constructed data points are found to be comparable with other curves in the Mediterranean and wold-wide regions. The general changes of the data points are fairly correlated with the ancient shoreline indicators of morphological features (shelf terraces and slopes, old dunes, sand accretion ridges) and sediments at continental shelf and its contiguous coastal zone that belong to Holocene transgression.


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  • Frihy Omran E.
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  1. 1.Coastal Research InstituteAlexandriaEgypt

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