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The Chamber/Dish: An improved vessel for cell and explant culture

  • Michael G. Gabridge


A vessel consisting of a Teflon well former, metal base plate, rubber gasket, and variable growth surface has been constructed. It is nontoxic, autoclavable, and reusable. It provides for ready access into the growth chamber, plus an optically clear lower surface for improved microscopic resolution. The vessel has been used successfully with several different eucaryotic and procaryotic cell systems. Morphology of cells and yields (as measured by total protein and ATP) are comparable to those noted with other vessels. This Chamber/Dish can accommodate almost any type of growth substrate in the form of films or sheets. It appears to have widespread application for the growth of cells and explants in vitro.

Key words

Chamber/Dish microscopy fibroblast morphology 


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  • Michael G. Gabridge
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  1. 1.W. Alton Jones Cell Science CenterLake Placid

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