Acta diabetologia latina

, Volume 15, Issue 1–2, pp 53–67

Exploration of the early insulin response by two small successive loads of I.V. glucose in normal and obese subjects

  • Romano Prando
  • Renzo Cordera
  • Patrizio Odetti
  • Alberto De Micheli
  • Michele Maiello
  • Giorgio Viviani
  • Luciano Adezati


Two 5 g glucose loads at 1-h interval were given to healthy controls and obese subjects with slightly altered or normal OGTT in order to explore the capacity of restoration of the ‘rapid insulin response’ to i.v. glucose. In the normal subjects, the two successive loads gave rise to identical responses as far as maximum increase (Δmax), average increase at 2–5 min (Δ2–5 min), area of increase 0–15 min (Δ0–15 min) for both glucose and IRI, were concerned. Obese subjects could be divided on the basis of their insulin response to the first load into normal responders (group I) and high-responders (group II). In group I obese subjects, the responses to the second load were identical to those to the first. In group II obese subjects Δmax, Δ2–5 min and Δ0–15 min of the insulin response to the second load were reduced as compared to the first.


Glucose IRI NEFA Obesity Early insulin response Successive loads 


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  • Romano Prando
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  • Renzo Cordera
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  • Patrizio Odetti
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  • Alberto De Micheli
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  • Michele Maiello
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  • Giorgio Viviani
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  • Luciano Adezati
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