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The influence of pentoxyfylline [1-(5-oxohexyl-) 3,7-dimethylxanthine] (BL 191) on the insulin secretion induced by glibenclamide and by arginine/glucose in the perfused pancreas

  • Juan C. Basabe
  • Daniel P. Udrisar
  • Carlos F. Knopf
  • Nestor Aparicio


Pharmacodynamic characteristics of pentoxyfylline (BL 191) related to insulin secretion by the isolated perfused rat pancreas are studied.

The results obtained show that: 1) BL 191 (5 mM) is capable of stimulating insulin secretion, even in the presence of another stimulator; 2) BL 191 increases both phases of the secretion produced by constant arginine 20 mM/glucose 5 mM perfusion; 3) BL 191 significantly increases and turns biphasic the monophasic insulin secretion pattern produced by 1 µg/ml glibenclamide; 4) the effects mentioned in points 2) and 3) are inhibited if the phosphodiesterase activator imidazole (300 mg/100 ml) is present in the perfusion medium; 5) the phosphodiesterase inhibitor theophylline has the same effects as BL 191, except for its inability to stimulate insulin release in the absence of another stimulator; 6) somatostatin (100 ng/ml) significantly inhibits insulin secretion produced by arginine/glucose or glibenclamide, as well as by arginine, glucose plus theophylline or BL 191, and by glibenclamide plus theophylline or BL 191; in both cases the inhibitory effect of somatostatin is reduced by the presence of BL 191 or theophylline.


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  • Juan C. Basabe
    • 1
    • 3
  • Daniel P. Udrisar
    • 3
  • Carlos F. Knopf
    • 3
  • Nestor Aparicio
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  1. 1.the Carrera del Investigador CientíficoConsejo Nacional de Investigaciones CientíficasArgentina
  2. 2.Grupo de Estudios en Fertilidad y Endocrinología de Rosario (G.E.F.E.R.)RosarioArgentina
  3. 3.Fundación Laboratorios de Investigaciones Pediátricas (F.L.I.P.)Hospital de Pediatría ‘Dr. P. de Elizalde’Buenos AiresArgentina

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