Sexuality and Disability

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Sexuality and the patient with dementia

  • Kathleen S. Mayers


Caretakers in a geropsychiatric medical unit offering care to patients with dementia diagnoses were surveyed regarding their views of the sexual conduct of their patients. The majority of them described difficulties in managing patients who displayed sexual behaviors. Sexually active and interested patients were both male and female. The majority of the sexual encounters observed by caretakers was not considered to be consensual. Exploitation and sexual assault of vulnerable individuals who lack any way of defending themselves was a concern expressed. Caretakers' views of patient characteristics that predict sexual behavior and effective strategies to discourage sexual approaches of vulnerable patients are discussed.

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sexuality dementia elderly 


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  • Kathleen S. Mayers
    • 1
  1. 1.Geropsychiatric Medical UnitWestern State HospitalTacoma

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