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Taxonomy ofCryptococcus Neoformans and its varietyUniguttulatus

  • N. J. W. Kreger-Van Rij


A comparative study of a number of strains of the speciesCr. neoformans and its varietyuniguttulatus showed that capsule formation was inappropriate as a character to differentiate species and variety. The ability to grow at 37°C. and to use dulcitol andD-arabinose as source of carbon appeared to be more suitable. A definition of species and variety on this basis was given.


Cellobiose Mastitis Erythritol Arbutin Capsule Formation 
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  • N. J. W. Kreger-Van Rij
    • 1
  1. 1.Yeast DivisionCentraalbureau voor SchimmelculturesDelft

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