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Permian algae and algal microfacies from unayzah, quassim district, saudi arabia

  • Saleh M. Okla


Late Permian bioclastic calcarenite beds of the middle Khuff Formation were sampled for their algal constituents near the city of Unayzah, Quassim district in central Saudia Arabia. The algal flora includes two species of udoteacean algae (Succodium difficile andSuccodium sp.), the dasycladacean algaMizzia velebitana and two species of red algae (Gymnocodium bellerophontis, Permocalculus plumosus).

Other algal floral remains found forming isolated single layers which have generally been named algal microfacies. These include a phylloid microfacies, an oncoid microfacies and algal stromatolites. The Khuff Formation is well-known for its accumulation of non-associated gas and particularly for its oil accumulation in eastern Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf states.


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  • Saleh M. Okla
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  1. 1.Geology Department, College of ScienceKing Saud UniversityRiyadhSaudi Arabia

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