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Effect of (−)-hydroxycitrate upon the accumulation of lipid in the rat: I. Lipogenesis

  • Ann C. Sullivan
  • Joseph Triscari
  • James G. Hamilton
  • O. Neal Miller
  • Victor R. Wheatley
Symposium: Effect of Drugs on Lipid Metabolism Presented at the AOCS Spring Meeting, New Orleans


The purpose of these investigations was to ascertain the effect of (−)-hydroxycitrate on the accumulation of lipid in the meal fed rat by examining the rates of lipogenesis after acute and chronic treatment. Oral administration of (−)-hydroxycitrate depressed significantly the in vivo lipogenic rates in a dose-dependent manner in the liver, adipose tissue, and small intestine. The hepatic inhibition was significant for the 8 hr period, when control animals demonstrated elevated rates of lipid synthesis. The kinetics of this reduction of in vivo hepatic lipogenesis were identical after acute or chronic administration of (−)-hydroxycitrate. However, in vitro rates of lipogenesis were elevated after chronic administration of (−)-hydroxycitrate for 30 days. Rats receiving (−)-hydroxycitrate consumed less food than the untreated controls; however, this decreased caloric intake was not responsible for the drug induced depression of hepatic lipogenesis, as shown by studies using pair fed rats.


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  • Ann C. Sullivan
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  • Joseph Triscari
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  • James G. Hamilton
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  • O. Neal Miller
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  • Victor R. Wheatley
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  1. 1.Department of Biochemical NutritionHoffmann-LaRoche Inc.Nutley

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