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Extensions to Kiritani and Nakasuji’s method for analysing insect stage-frequency data

  • B. F. J. Manly


There is evidence that the simple method ofKiritani andNakasuji (1967) for the analysis of insect stage-frequency data produces estimates of stage-specific survival rates that compare well with the estimates from more complicated methods (Manly, 1975). However the method as originally proposed byKiritani andNakasuji cannot always be applied because it assumes that the insect population involved was sampled at regular intervals of time. Furthermore, parameters such as the durations of stages are not estimated. In this note modifications to the basic method are suggested with the idea of overcoming these limitations.


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  • B. F. J. Manly
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  1. 1.Biometrics UnitUniversity of OtagoDunedinNew Zealand

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