Physical Oceanography

, Volume 9, Issue 5, pp 315–322 | Cite as

The generation of waves in a two-dimensional basin of variable depth by periodic atmospheric pressure disturbances

  • O. V. Gubanova
  • N. V. Khilko
  • L. V. Cherkesov
Thermohydrodynamics of the Ocean


An analytical solution to the problem of the generation of long waves by periodic surface pressures in a confined basin has been derived in the framework of linear theory. If the change in the basin depth follows a paraboloidal law, being reduced to zero at the borders, the surface pressure amplitude is a power function of the space coordinate; dissipation and the Coriolis force are considered. Resonance frequencies have been determined, and the effect of forces upon the wave amplitude in the resonance domain has been investigated.


Surface Pressure Wave Amplitude Standing Wave Coriolis Force Variable Depth 
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  • O. V. Gubanova
  • N. V. Khilko
  • L. V. Cherkesov

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