Physical Oceanography

, Volume 9, Issue 4, pp 273–296 | Cite as

Thermohaline structure and dynamics of waters in the Izmir Bay

  • V. A. Ivanov
  • A. I. Kubryakov
  • N. B. Shapiro
Analysis of Obervations and Methods of Calculating Oceanic Hydrophysical Fields


The paper describes the thermohaline structure of the Izmir waters obtained from three CTD-surveys carried out in different seasons of 1994. Also, the mechanisms responsible for the formation of the regional peculiarities and the variability of the temperature/salinity field and examined. The results of diagnosis and adaptation computations of the three-dimensional water circulation are analysed, applying a numerical model and CTD-data.


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  • V. A. Ivanov
  • A. I. Kubryakov
  • N. B. Shapiro

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