Russian Physics Journal

, Volume 43, Issue 5, pp 401–404 | Cite as

Formation of laser beams with a minimum divergence in the UV spectral region

  • N. G. Ivanov
  • V. F. Losev
  • Yu. H. Panchenko


The results of investigations of the divergence of an amplified diffracted beam of diameter from 1.5 to 150 mm produced by a XeCl laser are presented. It has been shown that if the intensity distribution of the amplified radiation is spatially nonuniform, the wave front in the active medium changes substantially due to the diffraction of the radiation at a small-diameter diaphragm. The active medium of the amplifier excited by an electron beam makes it possible to amplify without visible distortions a laser beam with a divergence of ≈10 μrad.


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  • N. G. Ivanov
  • V. F. Losev
  • Yu. H. Panchenko

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