Educational Technology Research and Development

, Volume 53, Issue 4, pp 25–39

Teacher pedagogical beliefs: The final frontier in our quest for technology integration?

  • Peggy A. Ertmer


Although the conditions for successful technology integration finally appear to be in place, including ready access to technology, increased training for teachers, and a favorable policy environment, high-level technology use is still surprisingly low. This suggests that additional barriers, specifically related to teachers' pedagogical beliefs, may be at work. Previous researchers have noted the influence of teachers' beliefs on classroom instruction specifically in math, reading, and science, yet little research has been done to establish a similar link to teachers' classroom uses of technology. In this article, I argue for the importance of such research and present a conceptual overview of teacher pedagogial beliefs as a vital first step. After defining and describing the nature of teacher beliefs, including how they are likely to impact teachers' classroom practice I describe important implications for teacher professional development and offer suggestions for future research.


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  • Peggy A. Ertmer
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  1. 1.Curriculum and Instruction Department at Purdue UniversityUSA

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