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Y-chromosome DNA haplotypes in Basques

  • G. Lucotte
  • S. Hazout
Letter To The Editor


One Y-specific DNA polymorphism (p49/TaqI) was studied in a sample of 97 French Basques and compared with those found in 7 other French, Iberian, and Italian populations. A particularly high frequency (72.2%) of Y-haplotype XV was observed in Basques, compared to values (mean of 41%) obtained in other Western Europeans. Basques were also characterized by virtual absence, or presence at a low level, of the South or Near Eastern haplotypes XII, VII, and VIII. Considered together, these results confirm that Basques are a very ancient European population which has had little previous contact with the Neolithics.


Basques p49TaqI DNA polymorphism Y-specific haplotypes 


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  • G. Lucotte
    • 1
  • S. Hazout
    • 2
  1. 1.International Institute of AnthropologyParis 16èmeFrance
  2. 2.Center of Computer BiosciencesINSERM Unity 263, Paris 7 UniversityParis 5èmeFrance

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