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On the existence of subalgebras of direct products with prescribedd-fold projections

  • George M. Bergman


Baker and Pixley have shown the equivalence of a number of conditions on a positive integerd and a varietyV be uniquely determined by its projections in thed-fold subproductsA i (1)×...×A i (d). It is shown here thatunder Baker and Pixley's conditions this uniqueness result is complemented by an existence result: SupposeA 1,...,A r V, and that for everyd-tupleI={i(1),...,i(d)} a subalgebraS I A i(1)×...×A i(d) is given. Then these data are the projections of one subalgebraS⊆ A 1×...A r if and only if they are “consistent” on eachd+1-tuple {i(1),...,i(d+1)}.

In the case where eachA i is the lattice {0, 1}, these results lead to the well-known description of finite distributive lattices in terms of finite partially ordered sets.

Under appropriate hypotheses the above result generalizes to subalgebras of infinite direct products.


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