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Use of carbonitriding for self-sharpening of tools in service

  • L. P. Karpov
Chemicothermal Treatment


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    Carbonitriding at 800°C and heat treatment of flat blades of supershears and guillotines from steel 40Kh with subsequent grinding of the faces to a specific depth provides self-sharpening of the blades in operation.

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    In order to provide a self-sharpening regime after the creation of the diffusion layer on the faces of a blade and a hardening heat treatment, a part of the layer of the “soft” face is ground off to a hardness much lower than that of the surface of the “hard” face.

  3. 3.

    The structural strength of the blades is provided by optimum regimes of carbonitriding, quenching; and double tempering and raising the toughness of the “soft” face by a partial removal of the surface “hard” layer.



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