Investigations of the effects of manganese addition to Dry Creek Saltfield brines

  • Peri S. J. Coleman


Trials conducted at Dry Creek, a solar saltfield north of Adelaide, Australia, indicate that manganese, as manganous sulphate, can increase both the purity and strength of salt crystals grown at an ambient or neutral-slightly acid pH range resulting in a salt suitable for high purity uses. The improved load bearing strength of the crystals indicates that manganous sulphate could also be useful in salt floor maintenance. However, the impact of an apparently slight rise in pH to 8.5 was significant. Crystals produced at the higher pH from the manganese enriched brine were opaque with many tiny, almost colloidal crystals. The salt did not drain well, had low load bearing strength and was notably impure.

Key words

crystal growth crystal strength manganese salt solar saltfields 


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  • Peri S. J. Coleman
    • 1
  1. 1.Delta Environmental ConsultingSt. Kilda

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