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Age at menopause of Tamang women tea-labourers of Jalpaiguri district, West Bengal, India

  • Chunki Piplai


The Tamang women tea-labouren of Jalpaiguri district show no significant difference in age at menopause among their three «migration status» groups, viz., MO, M1 and M2+. The mean age at menopause is 47.3±4.26 and the median age is 47.68 years. A significant difference occurs between the observed mean age at menopause and 45 years, which is generally taken to be the menopausal age by convention. These Tamang women seem to be similar to other hill women in respect of age at menopause.

Key words

Menopause Tamang Tea Labours Migration Status 


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  • Chunki Piplai
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  1. 1.Anthropological Survey of IndiaCalcutta, 16

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