Human Evolution

, Volume 16, Issue 2, pp 81–101

Meganthropus” cranial fossils from Java

  • Tyler D. E. 


There are now twelve significant hominid cranial fossils from the Lower and Middle Pleistocene of Java, all but two being from the Sangiran site. Most of this material is well-known in the literature, but three skulls, possibly representing “Meganthropus” are here described in detail for the first time. Most scholars have assigned them all toHomo erectus, while others have suggested that they represent as many as four different hominoid taxa. The author argues that they represent two possible species of hominids. “Meganthropus” I, II, and III are more massive than any of the knownH. erectus specimens. They are also relatively higher vaulted, apparently smaller brained, and have unusually thick lower occipital planes. “Meganthropus” may represent a species that separated fromH. erectus upon its arrival to Java.


Meganthropus” Homo erectus Java Southeast Asia 


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