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Dualità per alcune classi di moduliE-compatti

  • Adalberto Orsatti


Starting from a topological module E over a commutative discrete ring A, the category C(E) of E-compact modules is defined as the class of all A-modules topologically isomorphic to closed submodules of direct product of copies of E. Under suitable assumptions it is shown that C(E) is dual of the category of abstract A-modules M for whichHomA(M, E) separates points of M. The duality theory so obtained contains as particular cases Pontryagin's duality between discrete and compact abelian groups and Macdonald's duality between lineary discrete and linearly compact modules over a complete local ring. There are also some applications to the theory of linearly compact modules over noetherian rings.


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  • Adalberto Orsatti
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