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A priori estimate for continuation of the solution of the heat equation in the space variable

  • J. R. Cannon


Let u(x, t) satisfy the heat equation in a region D in the x−t plane and vanish initially. Let |u|<M0 in D and |u i 2 |<∈ in D* ⊂ D. Then, in D−D*, |u|<\(M_1 ^{1 - B_\varepsilon B} \), where B=B(x, t) satisfies O<B<1 and B(x, t) and M1 are given explicity by simple formulas. The a priori bound is applied to an error analysis of a numerical procedure for continuing solutions of the heat equation in the space variable.


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  • J. R. Cannon
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  1. 1.New YorkUSA

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