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An extension of Ezeilo's result

  • Rolf Reissig


In a recent paper[1] Ezeilo considered the nonlinear third order differential equation x‴ + ω(x′)x″ + ω(x)x′ + ϑ(x, x′, x″)=p(t). He proved the ultimate boundedness of the solutions on rather general conditions for the nonlinear terms ϕ, ϕ, ϑ. These conditions (in a little weaker form) are also sufficient in order to prove the existence of forced oscillations in the case when the excitation is ω-periodic. For this purpose the Lerag-Schauder principle in a form suggested by G. Güssefeldt[2] is applicable.


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  • Rolf Reissig
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  1. 1.Bochum

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