A coerciveness inequality for a class of nonelliptic operators of constant deficit

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This paper presents a coerciveness inequality for a class of nonelliptic first-order matrix partial differential operators of the form

$$\Lambda = - iE(x)^{ - 1} \sum\limits_{j = j}^n {A_j D_j } $$

. Here x=(x1, x2, ..., xn) ∈ Rn, Dj=α/αxj and E(x), A1, A2, ..., An are m×m Herminat matrices with the properties that A1, A2,...,An are constant, E(x) is uniformly positive definite on Rn and E(x) and the derivatives D1E(x), D2E(x),..., DnE(x) are continuous and bounded on Rn. Λ operates on functions u(x) whose values are m × 1 matrices. E(x) determines a Hilbert space ℋ of such functions with inner product\((u, v)_E = \int\limits_{R^n } {u(x)^ * E(x)v(x)dx} \) and Λ is essenially selfadjoint on ℋ. Λ is said to be coercive on N(Λ), the orthogonal complement in ℋ of the null space N(Λ), if there exists a constant K>0 such that

$$\sum\limits_{j = 1}^n {\left\| {D_j u} \right\|^2< K(\left\| {\Lambda u} \right\|^2 + \left\| u \right\|^2 )} for{\mathbf{ }}all{\mathbf{ }}u \in D(\Lambda ) \cap N(\Lambda )^ \bot $$

. In this paper it is shown that Λ is coercive on N(Λ) provided that lim E(x)=E0 uniformly in x/|x|, where E0 is positive definite, and the symbol\(\Lambda (p, x) = E(x)^{ - 1} \sum\limits_{j = 1}^n {A_j p_j } \) satisfies rank Λ(p, x)=m−k for all p∈Rn−{0} and x∈Rn. Such operators are said to have constant deficit k. Λ is elliptic if and only if it has constant deficit k=0.


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