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Postulates for linear connections in abstract vector spaces

  • A. D. Michal


Vector Space Linear Connection Abstract Vector Abstract Vector Space 
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    The recent literature onfinite dimensional differential geometry is extensive. We refer the reader to the following representative books on the subject.L. P. Einsenhart,Riemannian Geometry (1926),Non-Riemannian Geometry (« A. M. S. Coll. Publications », Vol. VIII, 1927),Continuous Groups of Transformations (1933);J. A. Schouten,Der Riccikalkul (1924);O. Veblen,Invariants of Quadratic Differential Forms (1927),Projective Relativitätstheorie (« Ergebnisse Der Mathematik Und Ihrer Grenzgebiete », 1933);T. Y. Thomas,Differential Invariants of Generalized Spaces (1934);Duschek-Mayer,Lehrbuch Der Differentialgeometrie (vol. I and II, 1930);T. Levi-Civita,The Absolute Differential Calculus (1927);E. Cartan,Leçons sur La Géométrie Des Espaces De Riemann (1928),La Théorie Des Groupes Finis Et Continus Et L'Analysis Situs (« Mémorial des Sciences Mathématiques », fasc. 42, 1930);G. Vitali,Geometria Nello Spazio Hilbertiano (1929);W. Blaschke,Differentialgeometrie (vol. II, 1923);H. Weyl,Space-Time-Matter (« English translation », 1921);O. Veblen andJ. H. C. Whitehead,The Foundations of Differential Geometry (1932);D. J. Struik,Theory of Linear Connections (« Ergebnisse Der Mathematik Und Ihrer Grenzgebiete », 1934);V. Hlavaty,Les Courbes De La Variété Générale à nDi mensions (« Mémorial des Sciences Mathématiques », Fasc. 63, 1934).Google Scholar
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    It is well known that if theFréchet differential of a function exists then theGateaux differential also exists and the two are equal. Hence if a functionF(x, α) is linear in α, one can show readily with the aid of a theorem ofBanach (seeS. Banach, « Fundamenta Mathematicae », vol. 3 (1922), p. 157) that theGateaux differential\(\mathop {\lim }\limits_{\lambda \to 0} \frac{{F(x + \lambda \partial x,{\mathbf{ }}\alpha ) - F(x,{\mathbf{ }}\alpha )}}{\lambda }\) if it exists, is linear in α. Similarly for theFréchet differentialF(x, α; δx).Google Scholar
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