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Einstein-maxwell fields in the presence of matter and pressure

  • Václav Hlavatý


Given the gravitational field hλμ one has to find the electromagnetic tensor field kλμ concomitant of hλμ which is not of the third class and which satisfies the conditions
$$R_{\mu \lambda } - Rh_{\mu \lambda } /2 = \mu u_\mu u_\lambda - F_{\mu \lambda } + ph_{\mu \lambda } $$
$$\partial _{\left[ {\omega k\mu \lambda } \right]} = 0$$
$$\nabla \alpha k\alpha \nu = \in u_\nu $$
where uv is a unit vector. Necessary and sufficient conditions for the solution of this problem will be given. If they are satisfied then the concomitants of hλμ
$$k_{\lambda \mu ,u\lambda ,\mu ,} \varepsilon $$
can be obtained bypurely algebraic operations, while the concomitant p of hλμ satisfies also the differential equation
$$u^\lambda \partial _\lambda p = 0.$$
The actual construction of all concomitants will be given.


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