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Union congruence in a subspace of a Finsler space

  • C. M. Prasad


The union curves of a Riemannian space were studied bySpringer[8],Misra[2] andUpadhyay[9]. In a Finsler space, these curves have been studied byPrakash-Behari[4],Sinha[7],Mishra-Sinha[3] andSingh[6].

In the present paper, we wish to extend the concept of union curves in the Finsler space and as such the concept of union congruence has been discussed. The two types of union curves of the Finsler subspace are the particular cases of these curves. These are also generalization of union curves and union curvatures of a vector-field of Finsler space. It has also been shown that the λ-geodesics [5] are special case of these curves.


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  • C. M. Prasad
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  1. 1.GorakhpurIndia

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