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Alcune osservazioni su le onde irrotazionali e sulla convergenza delle serie che le rappresentano

  • Giulio Supino


The paper shows that the existence of irrotational surface waves established by an investigation of Levi-Civita may be extended till the breaking, but that it is valid when is 0,84⩽p⩽1 (and when p1=np with n whole number). No solution is known till to day when is 0,84⩽p⩽1,00 (and when is 1,00<p<1,68).


  1. (1).
    Questo valore è quello ottenuto daT. V. Davies,The theory of symmetrical gravity waves of finite amplitude, Proc. of the Royal Soc.,208 (1951), p. 475.zbMATHGoogle Scholar

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  • Giulio Supino
    • 1
  1. 1.Bologna

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