, Volume 31, Issue 4, pp 555–562

Numerical analysis of the taxonomical status ofCallithrix kuhli based on measurements of the postcanine dentition

  • Masahito Natori


The postcanine dentition ofCallithrix geoffroyi, Callithrix penicillata, andCallithrix kuhli was compared metrically to determine whetherC. kuhli is a hybrid population ofC. geoffroyi andC. penicillata or not. Many measurements showed significant differences (p<0.01 orp<0.05) among the three marmosets. The dental variability inC. kuhli was not greater than those inC. geoffroyi andC. penicillata. Based on canonical analysis, the three marmosets are discriminated, andC. kuhli did not occupy a middle position betweenC. geoffroyi andC. penicillata on the first two canonical axes. In the projection of the first two principal components,C. penicillata tended to be distinguished fromC. geoffroyi andC. kuhli, andC. kuhli does not exhibit intermediacy betweenC. geoffroyi andC. penicillata. The present statistical analysis failed to provide evidence thatC. kuhli constitutes a population hybridized fromC. geoffroyi andC. penicillata, although the three marmosets were discriminated from each other. This may provide support for the hypothesis thatC. kuhli is not a hybrid population ofC. geoffroyi andC. penicillata but a distinct species.

Key Words

Callithrix kuhli Numerical analysis Postcanine dentition Hybrid 


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  • Masahito Natori
    • 1
  1. 1.Nihon University, School of Dentistry at MatsudoChibaJapan

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