Plant and Soil

, Volume 98, Issue 2, pp 195–202

Aluminum stress on sorghum growth and nutrient relationships



Sorghum plants were grown in the greenhouse in modified Steinberg nutrient solution containing ten Al rates (0 to 297 μM) and harvested 28 days after transplanting. Top and root dry weight were not affected by added Al up to 74 μM; but decreased sharply at concentration of 148 μM and greater. Aluminum concentrations in blade 1 (recently matured blade) and plants remained constant from 0 to 297 μM added Al. Root Al concentration increased as added Al increased. No correlation existed between top dry weight and Al concentration in blade 1 or in plant. Root Al concentration was related to top dry weight and root dry weight to estimate the Al critical toxicity level. The Al critical toxicity levle in the root was 54 mmol kg−1 root dry weight basis for either top or root dry weight. In blade 1 Cu concentration negatively correlated with Al while Fe and P were positively correlated. In roots Ca, Mg, Mn and Fe concentrations were negatively correlated with Al while Zn, Cu, P, and K were positively correlated with Al concentration.

Key words

Critical Al toxicity level Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench 


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