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A rapid quantitative assay for solanidine glycoalkaloids in potatoes and industrial potato protein

  • W. W. A. Bergers
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Aprapid quantitative assay for potato glycoalkaloids with solanidine (solanid-5en-3β-ol) as steriodal aglycone is described. The method of Sachse & Bachmann has been modified with respect to the extraction and working up procedures to increase the speed ans ease of analysis. A considerable simplification of analysis was achieved by replacing the original ether extraction and celite filtration by centrifugation. Fresh potato and industrial potato protein were analysed with this method. Industrial potato protein from several sources contained widely divergent glycoalkaloid contents (5–165 mg/100 g).

Additional key-words

solanid-5en-3β-ol freeze-drying fresh potato tuber 


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  • W. W. A. Bergers
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  1. 1.Institute for Atomic Sciences in Agriculture (ITAL)Wageningenthe Netherlands

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