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New isolates of the necrotic strain of potato virus Y (PVYN) found recently in Poland

  • M. Chrzanowska
Short Communication


In comparison to the previously known isolates of potato virus YN (PVYN), some isolates found in Poland since 1984 are more infectious to potato plants, reach faster a higher concentration and induce milder disease symptoms.

Potato cultivars resistant to the standard type of PVYN may be susceptible to the new isolates whereas those that are extremely resistant to PVY remain extremely resistant to the new isolates. The potato cultivar Elipsa is suitable for the differentiation of PVYN isolates.

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resistance Solanum tuberosum


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  • M. Chrzanowska
    • 1
  1. 1.Unit MlochowInstitute for Potato ResearchRozalinPoland

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