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The transfer-grid method, a practical Moiré stress-analysis tool

Grids are applied to any part within minutes by a transfer technique which does not require any special skills. An optical instrument for moiré-fringe production, remote from the part (no contact master) is described
  • Felix Zandman


A practical and simple moiré stress-analysis technique is described. The grid is applied to any part by a transfer method, like a decal, not necessitating mechanical engraving or photoetching nor any special environmental care. The moiré fringes are observed remotely from the part without master contact. This is done through the use of a projection device and a master held in a plane where the projected image of the working grid is formed. Limitations of the method, as well as its applications, are discussed.


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  • Felix Zandman
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  1. 1.Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.Malvern

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