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Bericht: 10th International Congress Of Logic, Methodology And Philosophy Of Science (August 19–25, 1995; Florence, Italy)

  • Joachim Stolz


The International Union of History and Philosophy of Science organizing the 10th International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science is at its cross-road: the alternative is mass-performance or creative exchange of ideas. The program is criticized because the thematic center in History and Philosophy of Science has been shifted too far into the realm of micro-fields of Logic and the time reduction for presentation and discussion of papers to 20 minutes should be reconsidered. Several outstanding papers are shortly discussed: Martin-Löw on “Formalized Tarski-Semantics of Type Theory”, Hoyningen-Huene on “Feyerabend and Kuhn”, Leroux on “Helmholtz and Hertz”, and Muller on “Bell meets Dirac”. Finally the visiting-program is gratefully appreciated.

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International Congress Logic Methodology History and Philosophy of Science Foundations of Formal and Natural Sciences Ethics and social aspects of Science and Technology 


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